Monday, April 7, 2014

Shabby Throne

Yep, I post look once a month.
I'm SUCH a dedicated blogger *sarcastic tone*

Some interesting things happened in my life recently.
I'm gonna start with sharing the mystery occurred on my Lookbook page.
Without any new post, the number of my followers suddenly jumped from ~1850 to 2050 in several days!
My... it's like Christmas in April! The number was growing soooooo slowly for the past year because I was being a "dedicated" blogger.
I'm pleasantly surprised, let's hope it is not a system bug ;)

Another cool thing I'm gonna tell you is I found a distant friend of mine became a fashion photographer in Paris.
He is working with super models, yeah, the real super models!
Isn't that SO COOL!
I want to steal his life >.<
Disappointedly, I guess I may not have a chance to live in Paris, since my boyfriend want to build up his career in Silicon Valley.
Maybe when we retired? 

Anyway, even though I many not be able to have a glamorous life in Paris, I still got this little shabby  throne in this small town. 
Not too bad!

I'll try to post more detail shots later

Lace Top - Zara
Floral Top - ASOS
Pants - purchased from Opening Ceremony
Shoes - purchased from Anthropologie

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some Photos

Hi guys,
I'm in a super photography mood lately.
 I took some random photos and edited several old shots stored in my camera for months and years.

Now, I'm gonna to just throw them here,  and I hope you will enjoy these pictures.

I'm planning to do more portraits in the future.
Since I got so tired of taking photos of myself, I seriously need some gorgeous models, AND good weather (ugh...midwest weather...). 
Fingers crossed